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I used to run a middle-sized enterprise with 400+ employees and 260 suppliers; hence, I opted to keep my personal information anonymous throughout this article.


The industry where I have been working for over a deacade has been hit by economic factors leading to 90% decline in new projects. So I decided it's time to make a change.

我工作了十多年的这个行业受到了经济因素的打击,导致新项目减少了90% 。所以我决定是时候做出改变了。

My job search journey started by finding the proper source for jobs, which went through 4 steps:


1.First with Linkedin:

1. 首先是 Linkedin:

Since Linkedin doesnt provide a tracking tool for the applied jobs, I designed my own using excel to track my applications. Ive spent 1-2 hours daily going throughout the keywords search results.

由于 Linkedin 不提供应聘工作的跟踪工具,我用 excel 设计了自己的工具来跟踪应聘工作。我每天花1-2个小时浏览关键词搜索结果。

At the beginning; it seemed there are hundreds of job opportunities matching my search keywords, so I started applying to those that looked more relevant. After one month I started to realize that 90% of the jobs in Linkedin are useless. Many are sourced from Chinese job sites like 51jobs or Zhaopin, and they are mainly for local candidates, after clicking on the job you get directed to a Chinese website, which showed an expired job in many times. So its mainly the first one or two pages of search results that brought the jobs that are actually in Linkedin, many pages in the search results were to inflate and impress.

刚开始的时候,似乎有成百上千的工作机会与我的搜索关键字相匹配,所以我开始申请那些看起来更相关的。一个月后,我开始意识到 Linkedin 上90% 的工作都是无用的。许多来自中国招聘网站,如51招聘网站或智联招聘网站,它们主要是为本地应聘者提供的,点击这些工作后,你会直接进入一个中文网站,该网站多次显示一个过期的工作。因此,它主要是第一个或两个页面的搜索结果,带来的工作,实际上在 Linkedin,许多页面的搜索结果都令人印象深刻。

I also noticed that many jobs are kept open over few months; around 30%-50% of the jobs appeared in Linkedin were the same since July and until January.

我还注意到,很多工作岗位都是在几个月内保持开放状态; Linkedin 上出现的工作岗位中,约有30%-50% 从7月份到1月份一直保持不变。

I also tried other global job sites like Glassdoor.com and Indeed.com, but I didnt see any advantage over Linkedin or the other services I used, so I skipped it.

我还尝试了其他全球性的求职网站,比如 glassdoor 和 indeed. com,但是我没有发现它比 Linkedin 或者其他我使用的服务有任何优势,所以我跳过了它。

2.JustJobs Service for Expats:

2. 为外籍人士提供的就业服务:

I was already a member of a Wechat group called: JustJobs, where members pay a subscription fee to join. The group is neat and filled with non-teaching jobs posted every single working day, and sometimes on holiday. Jobs were aggregated from multiple sources and all with contact info. The group had around 1000 jobs per month including senior and junior, full/part-time, internships and work-from-home. The only disadvantage of this service is the unavailability of a filtering tool.

我已经是一个叫做 JustJobs 的微信群的成员了,这个群的成员需要支付订阅费才能加入。这个群组很整洁,每个工作日都有非教学类的工作发布,有时候是在假期。这些工作来自多个渠道,并且都有联系方式。这个小组每月大约有1000份工作,包括高级和初级,全职/兼职,实习和在家工作。这项服务唯一的缺点是没有过滤工具。

3.Expats Jobs Sites:

3. 外籍人士求职网站:

Most expats job sites required access to my personal data through a lengthy registration and resume input to unlock some basic features; this was an unfavourable option as I wanted to keep my job search private. I also noticed that many jobs where the employer contact info isnt provided tend to be expired or made for data mining. So eventually I decided to skip these websites like: echinacities, HiredChina, SmartShanghai, Laowaicareer, etc.

大多数外籍人士的求职网站都要求通过冗长的注册和简历输入来获取我的个人信息,以解锁一些基本功能; 这是一个不利的选择,因为我想保持我的求职隐私。我还注意到,许多没有提供雇主联系信息的工作往往已经过期或者用于数据挖掘。所以最终我决定跳过这些网站,比如: 技术网站,招聘网站,智能上海,Laowaicareer 等等。

One plaform that I found interesting and offered HRs contact info called "WeHustle", it has few dozens of jobs, but hardly any senior positions in the manufacturing sector so I skipped it too.

我发现一个平台很有意思,它提供人力资源部的联系方式叫做“ WeHustle”,它有几十个工作岗位,但在制造业几乎没有任何高级职位,所以我也跳过了它。

4.Domestic Job sites:


Being a Mandarin speaker, it came to my mind why not applying for domestic jobs where I can meet the qualifications, but then most HRs would decline an expat resume right after knowing hes not a local candidate. I used 3 websites: 51jobs , zhaopin.com and Boss (Boss). I sharpened my resume in these platforms and applied for 3-5 jobs in each, unsurprisingly I had zero response. But then I decided to use the chatting window in Boss App to one of the HRs to whom I applied one job and I felt my profile was superbly matching. To my surprise the HR replied in 24 hrs, I informed the HR that I do meet all qualifications; however, Im an expat and whether I would be considered. In 24 hours, the HR replied back and asked me to send the updated resume. Another HR in Boss actively contacted me offering one job in sales, which was very irrelevant to my experience, however, I was happy to feel the engagement so I decided to add BOSS app to my job searching tools.

作为一个会说普通话的人,我突然想到为什么不申请一份符合条件的国内工作,但是大多数人力资源部门的人在知道他不是本地候选人后就会拒绝一份外籍人士的简历。我使用了3个网站: 51jobs,zhaopin.com 和 Boss (Boss)。我在这些平台上精简了我的简历,并在每个平台上申请了3-5份工作,毫不奇怪,我没有得到任何回应。但后来我决定使用 Boss 应用程序中的聊天窗口与我申请过一份工作的一位 hr 聊天,我觉得我的个人资料非常匹配。令我惊讶的是,人力资源部在24小时内就给出了答复,我告诉人力资源部我确实符合所有的条件; 但是,我是一名外籍人士,我是否会被考虑。24小时后,人力资源部回复了我,并要求我发送更新后的简历。另一个在 BOSS 的人力资源主动联系我提供一个销售工作,这是非常不相关的我的经验,但是,我很高兴感受到的参与度,所以我决定添加 BOSS 应用到我的工作搜索工具。

I applied for 31 jobs in Linkedin, 6 Jobs from JustJobs and around 10 Jobs in Boss App. Of my 47 applications, I got interview call for 3 jobs, 8 replies of decline, and no reply from others.

我在 Linkedin 申请了31个工作,在 JustJobs 申请了6个,在 Boss App 申请了大约10个。在我的47份申请中,我得到了3份工作的面试电话,8份拒绝的回复,其他人都没有回复。

Almost half of the jobs I applied in Linkedin directed me to a third-party website which has its own rule for applying. For example, companies like: General Electric, Siemens and Philips require candidates to apply on their site. The same goes for headhunting firms like Michael Page or Robert Walters. Interestingly, all these third-party application websites were unsuccessful and got me a polite feedback of regret to inform you or decided not to go ahead with your application.

我在 Linkedin 申请的几乎一半的工作都是通过第三方网站申请的,该网站有自己的申请规则。例如,像通用电气、西门子和飞利浦这样的公司要求求职者在他们的网站上申请。对于像 Michael Page 和 Robert Walters 这样的猎头公司也是如此。有趣的是,所有这些第三方应用程序网站都不成功,我得到了一个礼貌的反馈,后悔通知您或决定不继续您的应用程序。

Fast forward to today, almost half of the jobs I applied for in Linkedin, are still seen in Linkedin, which made me doubt these jobs are either forgotten, unreal, or maybe for the sake of fulfilling an internal management rule or data mining.

快进到今天,我在 Linkedin 申请的几乎一半的工作仍然在 Linkedin 上,这让我怀疑这些工作要么被遗忘,要么不真实,要么可能是为了满足内部管理规则或数据挖掘。







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